Liquid Damage

Water Damage – Macbook Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid damage repairs take about 2-5 business days.

Spill damage is repairable at reasonable prices.The repair costs, we quote usually range between £100 to £450 dependent upon the degree of damage. Apple often quotes £750-£1250 or more to replace everything with a tier 4 repair because it’s easier for them to replace everything(and charge you accordingly). We repair the damaged components specifically and pass the savings onto you!

We’ll give you an assessment of what is wrong and what needs to be done at no charge! If it’s too far damaged to be worth repairing, we’ll let you know.

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Common issues.

  • Keyboard/power button
  • Trackpad
  • Logic board repair
  • Battery

Firewire worked perfectly with a crisp image on the screen after our repair!

This board had no firewire and nothing on the screen.. surprising?

When you come to the MAC SHACK, WE fix it!

Most companies outsource component level motherboard repair because they don’t know how to do it. The person you are talking to does not work for the company repairing your device, causing delays and unexpected surprises.

We repair your board in-house, and you only deal with us. 

As soon as you spill something on your machine you should stop using it! Turning it on will make it worse; electricity and water cause corrosion like the board in the picture. Even when damage is this extensive, we can repair it, but it is best to minimize damage.

Problems we will fix on your spill damaged machine:

  • Not turning on.
  • No light/image on the screen.
  • Not charging the battery.
  • Keys not working properly.
  • Trackpad not working properly.

Top Reasons To Have Your Liquid Repairs Done By Us

  • We offer component level motherboard repair.
  • We can repair what is broken without high cost motherboard replacement.
  • We ultrasonically clean liquid damaged boards rather than use alcohol & a toothbrush.
  • We have many parts in stock for quick service.
  • We guarantee our work for a minimum of ninety days!